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Picture of CardThe Bottle Water Card

Assorted stamps, ink pads, & markers as you desire for your project
Waterbag (seal-a-meal bag & seal-a-meal sealer unit OR use the edge of an iron to seal the bag closed)
Double faced tape
Transparency (for copiers)



Begin by creating a waterbag using one of the above methods noted in the materials section. Remember: only use 2 or 3 teaspoons of water. DO NOT OVERFILL THE BAG!! IT MAY BREAK OR LEAK. Next, I stamped the bottle on the water and embossed it. Then I cut out the inside of the bottle with an x-acto knife. I stamped the letters on a separate card and cut them out. Using the top card of the cut out bottle as a guide, I placed the letters on the back card so that they showed through the bottle and fastened them into place with double face tape. Next, use double face tape to fasten the waterbag overtop of the letters on the back card. Take a piece of transparency and cut enough to cover the cut out part of the bottle. Double face tape the transparency behind the bottle. The last thing to be done is to fasten the front card (the bottle) on the top of the back card (featuring the letters and the waterbag) using double face tape.

Helpful Suggestions From Robyn

Before sealing the waterbag, add a little food colouring, glitter, sand, confetti, etc. to the water for added effects.

A trifold card can be used for a waterbag project so the card can be opened by the readers as well.

Stamp an ocean life scene on the back card, double face tape the waterbag to the scene. Cut out a frame for the top card with a transparency liner. Tape the two cards together. Maybe 3-D (using foam tape for height) something like a mermaid or seashells to the front of the frame to finish the card off!

You can use your mason jar, fish bowl, bottle, and vase stamps to apply this project idea too!

Contibutor of Project Idea:
This project was taken from the May/June 1996 issue of
Canadian Stamper.
Robyn Larabee of Elmira, Ontario forwarded this project idea on to Canadian Stamper from it's original author, Maria Teresa Dittig, Pittsburgh, PA.
Stamp credits for artwork: Bottle & Water are from Happy Stamper. Letters are from Mail Expressions


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