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Meet smiles`

Well, think this will be the shortest page of them all! hehehe!

Where will I start? hmmmmmmmm.........well, I was born and raised in Bewdley, Ontario (no link to here as of yet and doubt there ever will be!) I have lived here as a Bewdley Boonie my whole life of 32 years (right beside mommy and daddy hehe) I have been married to a great guy for the past 12 years and have 3 beautiful and crazed kids ages 3, 6 and 10. (Of course, the crazed part is not a quality that they got from me! hehe) I have a bichon frise dog named Chloe and a stray tomcat named Jasper (the screeching meow sucked me into giving it a home or else never ever getting a good nite's sleep again!).

I was a legal secretary for many years then decided to work for the government for awhile in Health Promotion (needed the money hehe!) then back to my true luv of a legal secretary for a few more years..........but the past two years have been a real fulfilling work experience owning and operating Stamp Garden. I've jest recently starting *tweakin* away the hours with a lil webpage designing so if ya ever need a webpage down......give me a dingle :)

I learned how to rubber stamp and decorate stationary from my mentor, Beth Wood, a friend of my mom's who used to work with her at the wee Bewdley Post Office. Beth's cards always intrigued me and one day I out and out asked her to teach me this strange craft bout 11 years ago now (when I was pregnant with my first born and had some time on my hands to kill) My crazed brother and sister-in-law, (runs in family) convinced me to open up my own stamp business and well the rubber bug bit and won't let go now!

I do have other interests though......I love playing baseball!!! My hub and I are on a local lob ball team and look forward to it every week. And yes......I am a power slugger and great first basewoman even though I don't look big enough to be one, hehe. I enjoy spending many hours with my kids digging away in my gardens and talking to those flowers hehe!! I also love the sun and you can catch me on Rice Lake or Lake Ontario a lot boating, waterskiing, swimming (bikini pic! hehe) and yes....even fishin off the dock on a sunset evening. I love all kinds of music and even dabble a bit on the piano.......will never play like my mom though! Another new interest of mine is to hack away the nite! Can't think of many more interests except my family.......we enjoy doing all kinds of activities together from playing hockey to eating junk food!

I've met alot of friends through this vast world of the internet. Recently I was lucky enough to visit my soul sister in Seattle and we had a great time together during my stay there. Hi ya!

Some of you may be wondering what my real name is......well you will have to email me for that! I chose smiles` as a nick for me cause I always have this huge smile on my face whenever I get on the net! First time I logged in my mouth muscles hurt for a week from smilin` so much! hehehe! As for the little ` after my nick smiles`, I just thought it added some class to the nick!!! LOL

So much for the hmmmmmmmmmmm........what am I gonna say at the beginning of this page eh?

Take care all, keep on the inky pathway will always have clean fingers??? BUH BYE!!!

Keep smilin!!!!!!


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