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I have no information...I am so sorry. My best friends name was Lisa Young...she is not with us anymore...was just searching her name and came across this. I am deeply sorry about your lisa.....I pray you find her and she is safe. Just know the angels are with her. Love...Sheila Stansel 7/13/2006

Please know that our group is thinking of Lisa today on this date of her disappearance. She's still missing but NEVER forgotten. 6/30/2006

Lisa was a friend / co-worker at the Mcdonalds on Nicol St. She is greatly missed and was/is the most wonderful caring human being I have ever come across. I will forever remember her and my prayers are with your family. Sincerley Kimberly Wookey PS. Please let me know if there has been any changes I love Lisa too and want to see her return home! Keep the hope alive! If there is anything I can do to help please let me know 9/14/2005

I wish I had helpful info, wanted to sign guestbook but directed here. I have followed Missing Persons cases for a long time, (personal reasons plus I just have a big heart!!!). Now that I have Internet Access 24/7 and currently not working, I really check sites and follow certain cases...young women especially, maybe because of my own personal experiences, and a recent case in our area unfortunately, and how many seem to be missing, at the prime of their lives!!! I hadn't heard about Lisa Marie's case until checking Carrie Culberson's site today. What a beautiful woman! My prayers are with you, now Lisa Marie will be in my heart, and prayers. I visited Canada and camped at Nanaimo as a teen and LOVED it there, absolutely beautiful. "Hope will never let you down". May you find ANSWERS and bring her home...

roses are red violets are blue the only person we wanna find is you lisa we miss you so much we pray and cry every day you are very special to each and every one of us so please come home safe
Kelsey <>
port alberni, bc Canada -
may god bring you home safe and soon, alot of people miss you and want you home. We are not going to stop missing you or looking for you. If we all pull together then we will bring you home one day, everyone keep that close to your heart and never forget the power of prayer.
Vancouver, BC Canada -
Thinking of Lisa through out the Christmas Holidays and my thoughts and prayers go out to all who will spend a moment in silence remebering Lisa at this time.
Carolann <>
Nanaimo, BC Canada -
Thinking of Lisa's family today, may God continue to give you strength throughout your loss.
Tawnya <>
Vancouver, BC Canada -
Not a day goes by that i don't think about Lisa. She was a wonderfull person who could create a great mood in any room she walked into. On a bad day i still reach for the phone to call her, as i'm sure many others have. I would like to thank everyone who has supported Lisa's family and friends in this difficult time. Your time and understanding has not gone unnoticed.
Becky <>
Lisa,you are the greatest friend one could ever have.My prayers go out to you and your family.You are in my thoughts daily.
susan deVries <>
nanaimo, canada -
To all those who dearly miss Lisa and to Becky for your strength in facing the disapperance of someone you care so deeply for, My thoughts are with you, Meredith and Sharon and Carolann. You all shared a special bond with her. My thoughts go out to all of you and Lisa on a daily basis. Keep strong everyone and keep praying.
Jane <Silver_Angel@yahoo>
Nanaimo, Canada -
Thank you for making such a wonderfull website for lisa she is missed by friends and family dearly good luck
Shaundra Polson
Sechelt, B.C. Canada -
Lisa and I worked together for about 2 years. I hope that someone comes forward with information so that Lisa can be brought home. My heart is with Lisa and her family. Courtney
Courtney <>
Nanaimo, Canada -
i love every about this site ok
kingsley Great <>
new york, USA -
I am sitting here missing my good friend Lisa, I visit this sight to listen to her song that Allison wrote for her, it makes me remember that weve had so much fun togather over the years.She's a beautiful woman and diddn't deserve this. I send my best wishes to Don, Joanne, Robby, and Brian. Take care of eachother.
Michelle Y. <>
Nanaimo, BC Canada -
My beautiful niece, Lisa ~ I love you so much. I pray for you every day! In our hearts forever! Love Auntie Carol. To my beautiful sister ~ Joanne I love you and you are in my thoughts and prayers every day. Love your sis, Carol
Carol Martin <>
Tofino, B.C. Canada -
The impact of Lisa's disapperance has impacted so many people's lives, like my 4 year old daughter Hannah's for example. Not a time goes by when we see one of Lisa's poster's does Hannah not ask about Lisa. She calls Lisa the girl who's lost and can't find her way home. Talking about Lisa with Hannah has helped her learn about the unsafe world we live in. I often think of Lisa when I am out walking and hope someday she is found. My heart goes out to her loved ones.
Nanaimo, -
This sister is at the center of the storm. My prayers to you Lisa and all your family, that you will fly free of it.
Randyn Seibold <>
Nanaimo, Canada -
I went high school with Lisa and remember how friendly she was. There's not a day that goes by where I don't think of Lisa and wish for her safe return. Always keep the faith!
Nanaimo, BC Canada -
Hi I heard about lisa through my freind julie who has a allison crowe site! I added your link and banner to my site- I hope you find her soon!! Love Casi
Casi <>
New Castle, IN USA -
OUR HEARTS ARE WITH YOU AND OUR EARS AND EYES ARE OPEN! GOD SPEED TOGETHER WE WILL FIND HER has anybody , suggested talking to sylvia brown or james van-praugh?
andy, roxanne and andrea gourlay <>
nanaimo, bc CANADA -
I am a long time close friend of Lisa, I miss her so much, I wish someone with information would come forward, somebody must know something. I try to think posative, but after such a long time it's very hard. Don and Joanne, Robby and Brian, I send my love to you always.
Michelle Y.
Nanaimo , BC Canada -
Im a close friend of Lisa's...we worked at McDonalds for years...we hung out alot and had a lot of laughs together....she is strong in my thoughts and deeply in my heart...I will never let her go....We miss you...come home soon..xxoo..My deepest wishes are for your family, Lisa....never give up hope..answers are out there...anyone knows anything dont be afraid to come forward....
Becki Young <>
Lantzville, BC Canada -
Lisa is never far from my thoughts and ever close to my heart. Her butterfly wings touched many people from different walks of life. That was a gift she shared with everyone. My thoughts and prayers reach out to the ones who she touched at a hearts core level.
Carolann and John <>
Nanaimo, BC Canada -
I am new to this country but I see your search posters in all the shops and my heart goes out to you on your search. my prayers are with you. I will keep my eyes open for you on my travels. melissa
melissa fredericks
nanaimo , canada -
I just wish that I had news about Lisa I happen to know Cindy at the Green Trader who baby sat Lisa I have a almost 13 year old niece and would not be happy if anything happens to her I will keep my eyes and ears open for anything that I may hear. regards
David W. McKenzie <>
Nanaimo, BC Canada -
Thank you for creating this page to help find Lisa. We need all keep the light shining for Lisa and her family and full circle of loved ones. Peace
Adrian <>
Salt Spring Island, BC Canada -
My thoughts are with you and your family... My God be with you.... Bonnie
Nanaimo, BC Canada -
my heart and prayers are with your family. may the great spirit bless you and continue to give your family strength in your search for lisa. god bless.
Delilah Jones
Nanaimo, bc canada -
My thoughts and prayers our with you. I have followed the story since day one. I do hope you hear something. Have you thought about bringing in a physic or going on a tv show with a physic.
Nanaimo, BC Canada -
Wish you the best on your search for Lisa and hope this website may help you in some shape or form during your journey. My thoughts and prayers are with you during these troubling times.
Tawnya Sutherland <>
Coquitlam, BC Canada -