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Certified Internet Marketing and Business Strategist

Certified Internet Marketing Specialist

UBC Certificate in Multi Media Studies

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Mediamage Marketing Solutions - Your Online Internet Marketing Specialist
  Your Online Certified Internet Marketing Specialist
Turning Clicks Into Cash For Her Clients!

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Website Usability Studies / Reviews

Usability rules the web and if a user can't find his way around your website within seconds, guess who loses?

YOU DO ... since the rest of the internet is just a click away.

Let Tawnya Sutherland, a Certified Internet Marketing Specialist review your website and provide you with documented suggestions to improve the usability of your website and help you turn your clicks into cash!

You will get hard facts and straight advice from an industry leading online marketing specialist.

Each website usability study is unique from one client to the next. Tawnya, a certified internet marketing specialist will walk through your website and describe to you what is seen through the eyes of a typical visitor to your website.

Tawnya's website usability studies may focus on areas like:

  • The history and background of your website performance to date.
  • Help in defining significant goals and action requirements to reach the goals of your website.
  • How your user interacts within your website showing you in detail how to funnel them through your website and take action. (Action = buy your product, signup for your newsletter, etc).
  • Look, feel and first impressions upon landing at your website. This may go into depth on color and aesthetics offering design and layout recommendations if required.
  • Copywriting and content structure and whether or not it appeals to your target audience. Does it compliment your USP (unique selling proposition)?
  • General usability suggestions to help funnel users to reach your website's defined goals.
  • Detailed navigation usability on the unconcious ease for your user to maneuver through your website. Hierarchic menu and linking suggestions often provided.
  • Shopping cart usability study since 65% of users give up at the shopping cart level.
  • Search engine optiization critique and suggestions.
  • Analysis of current tracking system used to monitor users travel path throughout your website.
  • Help in determining the competitive position of your website online.
  • Major findings and other recommendations.
  • Overall benefits and outcome of study.

"My life and business coaching site had grown out of control. Through the usability study, and the subsequent revamping, I now have a really beautiful and far more effective site."
Steve Mitten
Life and Business Coach

"Tawnya Sutherland is a real internet marketing find! Her website usability study is a wonderful starting point for turning even the best looking web site into one designed to truly funnel in the leads needed to produce more sales. Although my business is already successful, I sense that with Tawnya at my side, my online presence will, in very short order, catapult into the stratosphere. I am delighted to have Tawnya as part of my team; she’s a gem."
Leni Chauvin,
The Client Attraction Coach™

You will be provided with an detailed report to take back to your tech team to implement else you can source out to Mediamage Business Solutions to make the changes to your website for you.

A security deposit is required to retain a position in my calendar and put you next in line for your Website Usability Study. Usability studies can take anywhere from 5 - 40 hours to complete dependent upon your budget and the complexity of your website and start at $450+

Get your Website Usability Study to help turn your clicks into cash for you too!

NOTE: Our Website Usability Studies are popular and there is currently a 2-4 week waiting list. Upon payment of a security deposit, you will be emailed a Website Questionnaire to fill out and return to us to start the process of developing your Website Usability Study.


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